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Calcudoku Puzzles and Arithmetic Equations. Learn the Game

To learn the essence of the calcudoku game, you have to keep in mind that the following puzzle comes with a complicated addition of strategic moves. The grid is designed to have small sections that contain two squares with a different arithmetic equation. In calcudoku, the players need to put the numbers in the grid so that no number is duplicated.

Each grid is divided into smaller sections that contain two or more squares. Each of the sections is represented by an equation that accompanies it. There are different types of equations present in the game, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division. The main task of the players is to enter the numbers in the grid so that the numerals equal the arithmetic formula used for the game.

SingleOp and DualOp Calcudoku Challenges for Players. Tips

There are two main types of calcudoku for players who want to engage in the game:

  • SingleOp calcudoku. Here, every puzzle contains blocks that are separated by bold lines. The main goal of the game is to fill the squares with numbers. The numbers 1 to N in each row and column need to be used only once. N is the number of rows contained in the grid.
  • DualOp calcudoku. In this type of calcudoku, every puzzle contains blocks that are also divided by bold lines. The main objective of the game is to fill the squares with numbers 1 to N. The numbers that are contained in each block generate the outcome of the arithmetic equation displayed in the top corner of the block. A number in the same block may be used more than once.

The Game of Free Online Calcudoku and the Use of Numbers

Playing calcudoku implies that you know your way around rows, columns, and blocks. The players need to keep in mind that the traditional calcudoku games share similarities with the classic sudoku game. However, there are also differences that need to be highlighted in order for the gaming process to run smoothly.

Just like with classic sudoku, calcudoku players do not need to display any knowledge of arithmetic equations to be successful while playing. The use of numbers in the process already suggests several identification methods available. With numbers that can be found in each block, the players have an opportunity to apply logic and analytical thinking to the game.