Play Free Killer Sudoku Online

Killer Sudoku Game for Beginners: A New Take on the Classic

Killer sudoku is rightfully considered to be a variation of the popular classic. It combines an entertaining approach with the basic rules of a traditional Sudoku game. To win the puzzle and enter the correct numbers in killer sudoku, you have to place the numbers in the correct places. Be ready to play with the cells that have different forms and sizes. The cells require to be filled with numbers that need to be added up to the necessary value of the game.

If you don’t mind trying a new approach to the classic, killer sudoku is guaranteed to capture your attention. It is the kind of game that can be accessed from your browser. It is easily available to players who prefer to play logic puzzles and choose complexity levels for their entertainment. The game can be played regardless of the device that you are used to: you can solve puzzles on iPhone, iPad, or Android.

Tips on How to Play the Game of Online Killer Sudoku Today

The puzzle in the game can be solved with the help of the number in combination with arrow keys. To switch guesses, use shift and number. Space bar is usually reserved for clearing the cell. Backspace is used to undo the previous task. Make sure that you know how to highlight the cell numbers to track the progress that you have made.

If you complete one element in a block, you are provided with a number of points that are adjusted to the complexity level that you are on. The number of points is multiplied by 5. If you manage to complete two elements at the same time, you are provided with a number of points multiplied by 10. Three elements provide you with the number of points multiplied by 15.

Killer Sudoku Levels. Selecting the Correct Numbers for the Game

Killer sudoku has complexity levels with an added number of rows for the game. This makes the traditional puzzle a fun experience. You can play killer sudoku without the need to download the game on your phone or PC.

Generally, killer sudoku puzzles that can be played weekly are harder than the puzzles that can be played daily. Solutions for killer sudoku are usually provided with the rules for the game to make sure the players follow their progress. Killer sudoku is known to be a stimulating game that needs you to focus on the possible outcome.