Play Free Sudoku Classic Online

Sudoku Classic and Puzzle Options. How to Enter the Online Game

Players can start sudoku classic by checking out the traditional 9×9 sudoku grid. The main objective of the game is to fill the cell with a number. The numbers range from 1 to 9. You also have to make sure that no digits are repeated or added to the column or the row itself. The grid is separated into 3×3 squares that you need to pay attention to while playing.

The game begins when the players are given the task to position the missing numbers in the given places. Make sure that you know the basic mechanisms of sudoku classic before you start playing. You will notice that the 9×9 sudoku grid may already come with numbers. They help the players navigate their way around the given digits and proceed with filling in the spaces. The complexity of the game depends on the number of given cells.

Tips for Free Online Sudoku Classic. Hidden Singles and Pairs

Below, you will find some of the strategies that are typically used while playing sudoku classic:

  • Naked singles. If you start scanning the rows and see a blank space with one option available, this is called the naked single. It is also the correct answer for the cell.
  • Hidden singles. Hidden singles are the same as naked singles with the addition of a new digit. To find hidden singles, jot down possibilities while playing.
  • Naked pairs. These are identical candidates that can be found in a row. The position of pairs in the grid is easy to determine and eliminate.
  • Hidden pairs. Hidden pairs are two identical candidates that are placed in the opposite corners of the cell. You can fill the blank spaces with the help of hidden pairs and win the game without having to think a few steps ahead.

Classic Online Sudoku Grid. Possibilities for Online Players

The grid in Sudoku is always changing. Every time you place a digit, various possibilities open on blank spaces. If you start checking the ones that are located next to the filled cell, you might find the correct answer for the game.

The players also need to pay attention to the neighboring squares in sudoku classic. The structure of the squares can be changed depending on the outcome of the game. You can also write down the possibilities to predict your chances of winning. This will help you find easy numbers within the game.