Play Free Super Sudoku Online

Super Sudoku Online. Puzzles that Will Improve Your Thinking

If you are a fan of online puzzle games, you will appreciate this addition to your gaming collection. Super sudoku was specifically created for players that enjoy gaming on different levels. 16×16 super sudoku puzzles can be separated into 4 categories:

  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Difficult
  • Expert

These are the levels that will allow you to continue the game without being stuck with the same number of puzzles. The main goal here is to fill the grid so that every region that contains 4×4 cells may display numbers from 1 to 9. Super sudoku is also referred to as 16×16 sudoku by the players that are familiar with this type of game.

Various Sudoku Puzzles. Stimulating Free Games for Players

Super sudoku puzzles have no requirement to be symmetrical. However, it is better to play the game with asymmetrical puzzles. It creates a truly outstanding solution for the layout of the game and allows the players to accept the challenge. To identify similar patterns throughout the game, the players need to engage their mental processes and use their memory to win super sudoku in a relatively short time.

Despite the popular opinion that exists among the players with experience, super sudoku does not require you to display any kind of mathematical abilities. You can operate within the game by using simple logic. It is enough to enter the correct numbers and fill the grid without the need to step away from the game. Symmetrical and asymmetrical puzzles help the players understand the tactics needed for sudoku.

Logic and Reasoning: Solve the Puzzles by Following the Rules

In super sudoku, the players are able to complete the grid with numbers from 1 to 9. You can apply reasoning to accelerate the course of the game with letters A to F. Super sudoku needs you to choose specific numbers that are different for each row and column.

You should take into account that 4×4 super sudoku puzzles may take you a longer time to complete. You can use numbers as a way to identify the right strategy. The numbers that are already shown to the players cannot be edited. If you have completed the game in the correct way, there will be only one solution available.